SSB was formed in 1996 to handle the cryogenic business of Sing Swee Bee Group which is in existence since 1981.

In the marine industry SSB offers a wide range of services such as ship purging and Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) supply. Ship purging operation is aimed at removing hydrocarbon vapors and gases to make safe for environmental working during dry docking or suitable tank condition for cargo changing. SSB also recovers and supplies Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) for ship fire fighting CO2 tank. In ship refrigeration supply, SSB offers Propylene, Propane and R22 in tonne drums. We deliver to OPL and carry out loading or even recovery for storage before ships go into dry-dock.

In 2003, SSB successfully carried out a gas free operation on 78,000 cbm VLGC in Indonesia, delivered more than 140,000 m3 of N2 at a flow rate of 4000 m3/hr.

For VLCC crude oil tankers, SSB provides tank cleaning services such as desludging and de-sloping.

SSB will continue to strive to support the marine industry. The company will aim to create more value-added services and gain recognition from ship owners worldwide.